The most complex theory of the symmetric impact of the vibrating digging working tool on the sugar beet root

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Volodymyr Bulgakov
Hristo Beloev
Ivan Holovach
Vladimir Kročko
Ladislav Nozdrovicky *
Pavol Findura
(*) Corresponding Author:
Ladislav Nozdrovicky |


When digging sugar beet root out of the soil by using a vibration digging working tools, there occur impact contacts of the working tools and sugar beet roots placed in the soil. Such phenomena are formed mainly in conditions of dry and solid soil. The consequence of this is a significant impact contact tails breaks, chips or damage of the side surfaces of roots, which leads ultimately to a non-return losses on sugar mass. Therefore there is a need to develop the basic provisions of the refined theory of impact interaction of a vibrating digging working tool with the body of the sugar beet root fixed in the soil, and on the basis of the results obtained to justify rational kinematic and structural parameters of advanced vibration digging working tool. Within the research there was used the methods of higher mathematics, theoretical mechanics, programming and numerical calculations on the PC. We have developed a refined theory of impact interaction of digging of the working body of the sugar beet harvester with the body of sugar beet root during vibratory digging of sugar beet roots from the dry and solid soil. On the basis of obtained equations and their numerical solution by PC programme it was possible to define the kinematic and structural parameters of vibration digging working tool that will ensure the conditions not to damage or break the tails of the sugar beet roots during their digging out from the dry and solid soil. We have investigated the so-called symmetric impact of the vibrating digging working body and the body of sugar beet root. As shown by calculations of the obtained theoretical dependencies and confirmed experimental studies, for the range of reduced masses of the vibrating excavating organ 0.8-2.0 kg, the translational velocity 1.3-2.2 m∙s–1, the depth in the soil 0.08-0.12 m and the vibration amplitude 0.008-0.024 m for shock interaction, which is most likely in dry and solid soil, the permissible oscillation frequency of scooping coulter is 10.0-18.0 Hz.

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